"What Do You Think That Kid Should Do?"

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For Educators

The Hey, Little Ant Essay Challenge was created partly to say "thank you" to the thousands of educators who have used the picture book Hey, Little Ant in their classrooms.

After 10 years in print, more than 100,000 copies sold and editions in nine different languages, Hey, Little Ant stands as a classic classroom book for launching discussions about what all living creatures have in common, about anti-bullying, and about mindful decision-making.

The Kid in the book is deciding whether to step on the ant beneath a raised up shoe or let the ant go free. Because the book does not answer the question but rather invites the reader to decide, educators can use the book as an icebreaker for thoughtful discussions.

Now you can challenge your K-3 classroom to answer the question, “What do you think that Kid should do?” as part of a nationwide online essay challenge.

Classroom Resources
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Hey, Little Ant Website

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Making of Hey, Little Ant Article from PeaceWork

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Earth-Friendly Online Form
In the spirit of the book and with the advantage of online technology, we are asking essay students to submit online essays rather than mail us paper. Please submit essays online with your students if at all possible.

Artwork Accepted
We will accept artwork (accompanied by a few words of explanation) from your students in Kindergarten and First Grade who might find it easier to express themselves in pictures rather than words. (Second and Third Graders are asked to use their writing skills to submit written essays.) Artwork will be mailed using an Artwork or Mail-in Essay Submission Form available above in Classroom Resources. Submitting artwork in no way increases a student's ability to win. Artwork is seen to be one way of expressing the answer to the Essay Challenge. Due to administrative cost, artwork, sadly, cannot be returned.

Parent Permission
We know that the requirements for parent or guardian permission varies from school to school. If you need a parent or guardian permission to submit online essays or mail in artwork, we have attached a sample letter for those purposes above under Classroom Resources. Please keep those in your files until September 2008 if you would or mail them to HLA Essay Challenge, Curious City, 118 Emery Street, Portland, Maine 04102.

If you are mailing artwork or if submitting online essays is troublesome, please address your entry to: HLA Essay Challenge, Curious City, 118 Emery Street, Portland, Maine 04102. All mailed in essays and/or artwork should be accompanied by an Artwork or Mail-in Essay Submission Form available above in Classroom Resources

• Entries Accepted: February 1st, 2008-May 1st, 2008
• Mailed entries should arrive by May 1st, 2008
• Winners Contacted by May 18th, 2008
• Winners Posted on the Website on May 21st, 2008

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