"What Do You Think That Kid Should Do?"

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Criteria for Essays

Entrants will base their essays on the question, "What do you think that kid should do?" The question is posed on the final page of the picture book, Hey, Little Ant, a page on which the Ant stands shadowed beneath the Kid's colossal upraised shoe.

On previous pages, the Ant has asked the Kid, who was all set to casually squish it, to consider the terms of its life before deciding what to do next. Essay Challenge entrants are not required to read the dialogue between the Ant and the Kid in Hey, Little Ant, but it will help the entrant consider a solution to the question posed.

Criteria for Essays
The following criteria should be considered when writing and/or illustrating the essay. They will be used by the judges to choose the most thoughtful essays.

• Be original. Think hard and for yourself about what the Kid should do. It won’t be enough just to say “Squish it,” or “Let it go free!”
• Be creative. Dream away. Maybe it’s not just about what the Kid should do, but what the Kid and the Ant could do together. Maybe there is more they should be talking about. There are no limits at all on your answer, as long as it’s your own.
• Think about the feelings of both the Kid and the Ant, and maybe those of other characters in the story, such as the Kid’s friends who have gathered around.
• Tell us not only what the Kid should do, but why.

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